Does Your Website Meet The Standards? 5 Quality Features

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How will you know that you have paid for a well-built website design? Cleveland Digital Marketing Agency uses a combination of numerous factors to complete your website, and these combinations will vary depending on business specific needs. When you have such variations, you will not be able to compare different sites and conclude the one with an effective and better design than the other. A litmus test will tell whether it provides the desired objectives.

On the other hand, most of the businesses will make a mistake to neglect usability. Fortunately, usability is the key for any successful website and need to be overlooked. When a website has good usability, it can improve your website’s performance increasing the chances of becoming successful. Moreover, it will boost both sales and revenues of your running business.

However, you need to have a successful website that looks good and provides seamless user experience to the visitors. For the visitors to find information quickly, your website needs to have the following features:

  1. Visible Contact Information

You don’t have to let the customers virtually excavate your contact information because most web patrons and surfers always have short attention spans. However, the common location for your contact information on your website should be under a link “contact us” in the main navigation or the upper right, and it will be a good choice.

Ideally, a great website will have a contact page having multiple points to be contacted such as email, easy-to-use contact form, and phone. If you include a Google map, it becomes a bonus especially if you have a physical presence.

  1. Security

If you need a website that you will use to sell anything online, a good website will need to be secure with an SSL certificate. If the site is secured, they will encrypt communications between the owner and clients and avoid fears of providing their information because of many identity thefts that occur on the web.

  1. Quality Web Content

If there is a major reason why most people will browse various websites and use search engines, is when looking for information. Most people look for information every day, and they like when they receive it fast and reliably.

When the website is search engine optimized as part of marketing strategy, it will need to have superior content to have a frequent visitor.

  1. Mobile Compatibility

Today with the high use of smartphones, most people have started accessing the internet using their mobile phones. So, having a mobile-optimized website from Digital Marketing Agency Cleveland will be a necessity. However, you have to make sure that the site existing is appearing on mobile and the way to know is using a Google mobile site tester.

  1. Clear and User-Friendly Navigation

I great website will have a user-friendly navigating scheme that will allow the visitors to locate the information they need quickly. For a call to action, they need to be inconspicuous spots on the website’s navigation scheme. For a plethora of content, the site needs to have a search box to make it fast and easier to locate specific pages inside the website.

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