Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Car Rental in Ireland

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Car Rental in Ireland

Are you planning to visit Ireland soon? It will be better to hire your own car so that you can visit any place without depending much on the public transport.

However, before hiring any car it is better to read more hiring car tips in Ireland. You can also read the following FAQs so that it can answer most of your questions.

  1. Which side of road should I drive in Ireland?

Like UK, in Ireland too you will drive on your left side and the driver’s seat will be on the right side of the car. This tradition was there before car was not so common.

  1. Which type of car will be best for driving in Ireland?

If you are traveling with family or group of people then you may need any SUV or full-sized wagon. In case you have to spend sufficient time in this country for your business and drive in various congested places, then any compact car will be good enough.

  1. How old should I be to rent any car in Ireland?

In Ireland, any driver must be minimum 21 years of age and also must have a valid license. However, any rental company usually will charge extra fee for any driver who is below 24 years.

The additional fee may not be too high.

  1. Will I need any credit card for renting car in Ireland?

Yes, you can rent any car by using your credit card. Some companies also will offer you to use debit card however you will be asked to deposit a big amount which will be refundable.

However, the refunding the amount usually is very cumbersome process and therefore it is better to use your credit card.

  1. Am I allowed to drive any rental car into UK or Northern Ireland?

Almost all rental companies will permit you to drive in Northern Ireland or rest of the places at UK after you pay certain amount of fees and additional insurance.

However, the amount of fee charged by the company may vary between different rental companies.

  1. Is it possible to extend the car rental contract during my stay in Ireland?

Yes, it is possible to extend the car rental contract during your stay in Ireland in case you need it for any reason. You can contact the company by telephone and get the contract extended.

  1. What in case I can find any better car rental deal in Ireland?

If you ever find any better deal while you are in Ireland then you can contact with the car rental company who will provide you better deal.

  1. Where to keep all paperwork while I drive in Ireland?

It is recommended that you must keep all the relevant papers in certain safe place in the car. In case, you meet with any accident or any kind of dispute then you will not require to hunt for your paper while you are on the road.

  1. What to do if I met any accident or get any problem with the car in Ireland?

In case you ever meet with any accident on the road while driving at Ireland, then you must contact first of all the local authorities.

Then you must also contact your car rental company, who will be available round the clock to attend your phone call.

  1. Can the car rental company make any arrangements for my travel needs in Ireland?

Sure, they can if you are dealing with any reputable car rental company of Ireland. Those who are well established in this business can always provide this kind of support to their clients.

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