Heed the SOS: Contacting your service provider in an emergency

Airtel helpline number

An emergency always comes unannounced, and it can be handled right away by calling your mobile service provider for assistance.

An emergency can be any catastrophic event that changes your circumstances either temporarily or forever. From an accident that needs a trip to the hospital, to a terror attack in your city, an emergency must be dealt with at once and with the quickest steps.

Modern mobile phone technology enables you to grapple with any unforeseen situation in the fastest, easiest way. This is how you can prepare to meet an emergency in the future:

* Have the mobile provider’s helpline number on speed dial. Your mobile service provider can be the biggest help during an emergency. Suppose your bag has been stolen, or your car has been attacked, or your bank account has been hacked into, or even your phone has been stolen. Knowing the mobile service provider’s helpline number can let you avail emergency assistance as per their directions. For instance, when you dial the Airtel helpline number on 121 from your Airtel phone, you are given immediate assistance based on your location, and the nature of the distress. Suppose your Airtel phone has been lost or stolen, you can call the Airtel helpline number on 9892012345 from the phone of a non-Airtel user, to assist the operator in blocking your SIM card at once, or to track the current location of the phone. Once you register an FIR with the local police, you can once again call the Airtel helpline number and ask them to help you keep tabs on where the phone might be at the moment – the police will also coordinate with the mobile provider at their end.

* Look up emergency calling on your phone. Most smartphones today have a feature that enables you to call the nearest police station or police-assisted emergency number on clicking a certain icon on the screen. This enables you to get connected to the cops right away, suppose your bag is stolen or if you witness a crime in front of you, or even if you have subjected to an assault of some kind. This is a feature included in most high-end smartphones today, but other phones also may have it, so it is better to know how to enable it.

* Mark yourself ‘safe’ on social media. These days, with the threat of terror strikes, or bridge collapses or other disasters of a similar nature, your friends and relatives may panic if the catastrophe has taken place in a location where you were last. However, you can allay all fears when people cannot contact you at such times, by marking yourself ‘Safe’ on Facebook. This is a unique feature that Facebook allows. You can also post updates on other social media sites you may be on, so that everybody concerned will know you are safe and well.

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