How to rent a car in Spain

How to rent a car in Spain

We explain all the requirements and when and how to rent a car in Spain to make it cheaper and easier. Just keep reading on these following renting car tips in Spain.

From the vast lands of El Quijote and the encinares of Castile to the rugged mountains of the Pyrenees, passing through large cities full of museums with history such as El Prado or Reina SofĂ­a; climb centennial towers like the Giralda and remain breathless when contemplating the Nasrid beauty of the Alhambra. Let’s go through the streets of Pamplona or discover the gastronomic routes for demanding palates of Bilbao.

Have you craved a road trip through Spain? You have won the lottery, because here you will find all the information you need to make your trip.

Prepare your trip for Spain: What do you need to rent a car? What documents?

Swimming trunks, ski boots, toiletry bag, mobile phone charger … you can forget all that, but remember to always carry the following:

– Driving license valid for drivers, with a minimum of one year old.
– ID card, passport, resident card or documentation with valid international validity of the main driver, and also of additional drivers, if any.
– Credit or debit card: Many companies require the customer to have a credit card, but Spain is one of the few countries where rental companies also accept other methods of payment, such as debit card or even cash.
– Minimum age of 21 years (if you are under 21, keep reading!).

The 6 steps to rent a car in Spain

  1. Think about your trip and what you will needAll trips are different, so stop for a moment and reflect on your trip, to know what needs you have and know how to choose the rental car you really need and at your price:How many people do you travel and how many bags do you carry? What kind of car do you need: a powerful car for the mountain or a small one for easy parking near the beach? Is the area where you are going to drive complicated and would you need premium insurance? What extras or accessories do you need: a child seat, a GPS or an additional driver? Are you a young driver with less than 25 years old or new? Do not have a credit card and want to pay with a debit card?
  2. Compare in advanceSearching in advance allows you to make sure that the type of car you need is available and, in addition, at a good price. If you book well in advance, you can keep searching until the date of the trip and cancel the first reservation (free with 24 – 48 hours in advance) if you find a better offer.
    3. Make sure you have all the necessary documentation in forceThis step is very important, because if you do not present all the necessary documentation, the car rental company can refuse to give you the car and return the money.
  3. Make your reservationBefore booking, review the reservation information in case to make sure everything is correct (place of collection, dates and times). If you rent at an airport and arrive by plane, it is advisable to enter the flight number, since in case of delay you will be waiting at the rental office.
  4. Check that the booking voucher data is correct as soon as you receive itCheck your reservation slip to make sure that the place, the dates and times of collection and return, and the driver’s information are correct. If you have an error, nothing happens. You can cancel the reservation (free of charge, depending on the company, there is a period of 24 – 48 hours before the delivery of the car) and make a new one. Save the voucher at least until you return the car.
  5. Pick up your rental carControl the smallest detail that the car is in perfect condition and take pictures as a reference (and do not erase them until your rental period ends and you have returned the corresponding bonds!).

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