Piano Lessons in Singapore for Free Trial

Piano Lessons in Singapore for Free Trial

Piano lessons offer a foundation for learning rhythms and notes. Rudimentary lessons provide the best approach to step into the music world which later can be applied in diverse instruments.


Acquiring the knowledge for music essentials is the most excellent approach to learn such instruments as piano. To practically play the most uncomplicated music, a learner needs to know the foundations which mostly are the same for all music.

Piano lessons can occur in a traditional classroom setting, but an option that has fast developing popularity is taking the piano training online. The online learning trend results from busy schedules and unpredictable nature of learners activities such as job, school among others. Online lessons enable a learner to focus on a particular part and overly replay the video as desired to understand a concept better.

Aureus Academy is a Singapore based music school. The academy is considered a leading institution with more than 4000 registered learners. The academy is specialized in offering piano lessons, guitar, violin as well as vocal lessons that are tailored to meet person’s needs for all age groups and abilities, and also offering Piano Lessons in Singapore for Free Trial

Aureus first branch started at Defi Orchard in the year 2013 September. There currently exist nine schools located at AMK hub, 112 Katong, Eastpoint forum the shopping mall, Northpoint, Westgate, Rochester, and Suntec. An additional branch will be open at United Square.

Aureus facilitators

All lessons are structured to feature student involvement in manners that best fit their way of learning. Facilitators at the academy design the piano lessons to factor in the learning objectives of each learner regardless of whether the student takes an interest to learn an instrument for pleasure or even for certification purpose. For instance, some students have never interacted with any musical instrument in the past, those that intent to learn pop music, as well as those that are warming up for exams. For each of the student’s clusters, music lessons focus on their objectives but proficient teachers.

Piano Lessons

The most common instrumental lesson at Aureus is a piano lesson. Facilitator at Aureus, guide learners on their musical journey whether an adult or a 4-year-old child.  The learner is at liberty to choose the genre of music he/ she is interested in such as; rock, pop, jazz or even classical. Students learn from ABRSM grade1 to a diploma.

For a free trial, one can register for a complimentary experimental piano lesson. The sign-up process involves filling out a form that is provided to book the trial lesson. Learners who are unable to register themselves can reach out to Aureus for assistance. The piano trial classes last for 30 minutes.

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