What Are The Best Gifts For Valentines Day 2019?

What Are The Best Gifts For Valentines Day 2019

Unique, Bold, Bespoke and Eye Catching, Personal Pendants selection of Hand Stamped Jewelry offers a vast array of high end, luxurious pieces of jewelry with a personable touch.  Offering a fantastic quality to present your loved one on this celebrated, romantic occasion.

From stunning personalised rings to bracelets and so much more, Personal Pendants range of bespoke jewelry allows customers to personalise each piece of jewelry to their own specifications.  Choose from a selection of high grade metals which include; Sterling Silver, Gold, White Gold and the ever popular Rose Gold.

Add a touch of care and love by placing your own names, words or message on the jewelry item.  Adding a magical and thoughtful touch to the piece.

One of Personal Pendants most desired range of products are their statement ‘Carrie Name Necklace’ items.

These beautiful Name Necklace designs are handcrafted and come in a range of fonts to suit all tastes and styles.  From soft free flowing handwritten fonts to italic and striking bold designed fonts for a true statement piece.

Name Necklace jewelry are loved by all ages and genders and hold no barriers between the groups.  Each created to a high standard, these Name Necklaces offer a bespoke look and feel due to the high calibre of the font designs.  Creating the appearance of a hand written note of message which can be held close to your heart and cherished forever.

A popular choice of Artisan Jewelry which has been popular since the late 90ts when it was brought to prominence through the hit TV Show; Sex & The City.  Worn by the main character the hopeless in love Carrie Bradshaw.  Carries Name Necklace features in a scene which had us all in tears and shows the true meaning and spirit of this piece of jewellery.

In the scene Carrie appears to of lost her name necklace and states in a grief-stricken pose ‘It didn’t really cost much’.  This statement is talking about the actual cost of the item, however her pose and demeanor conflict this statement and shows views that although the necklace was of little cost to her, the meaning of the personalised necklace meant so much more – in fact it was priceless!

The birth of the Carrie Necklace continues to be at the forefront of personalised jewelry items and continues to offer a timeless, simplistic yet sophisticated look.

A Celebrity Fashion Crazy

Since this period of time, Celebrities have taken to showcasing their own personalised and custom made jewelry items – where ever possible!  Seen as yet another way to make a poignant statement to fans and the media, Celebrities often flaunt personalised jewelry that features the name of their current beau.  They may even be seen wearing items that suggest a marriage away from the spot light has taken place.

Stars with children often are seen supporting new bespoke jewelry that includes the engraved initials of their child’s name and even their birth day or date.

If you are looking for your very own Carrie Name Necklace  or you are hoping to purchase this eternal personalised necklace charm for a loved one, then Personal Pendant are here to help.

With Valentines Day just around the corner, there has never been a greater opportunity to purchase either yourself or loved one one of these stunning necklaces.  Offering sheer luxury whilst providing a classic style which works with all outfits and styles.

Why not check out Personal Pendants range now and sweep away your darling this coming Valentines Day?!

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