What type of photo booths are there?

What type of photo booths are there

I’m sure everyone has seen a photo booth in many a wedding reception. Although there is still a huge demand for them some people will obviously feel that photo booths are a bit 90’s. Luckily there are now some more modern and up to date photo booths available. Although they all do the same job of taking pictures, they do each have their place in different situations. So, what are they?

Magic Mirrors

Magic mirrors have been around for a few years now but have still not been seen by many people. A magic mirror is basically a 5ft touchscreen with a DSLR camera and printer behind mirrored glass. When these are dressed with a red carpet and queue poles, they can fit pretty much any venue and with the interactive element of the touchscreen, your guests will be entertained for the entire evening.

The only problem with the magic mirror’s is the weight. As they weigh in excess of 100kg, they do not travel up or downstairs. It is important that when booking your suppliers, you inform them of any stairs to avoid any disappointment or stress on the big day.

There is also a wide choice of frames that are used on the front of the mirror. This is probably something else you should consider when deciding on the theme of your wedding, whether its vintage, modern or chique.

Ipad Booths

The ipad booth is a much newer take on a photo booth. Although these are seen more widely in the corporate sector, they certainly have their place on the wedding scene. There are many different designs of ipad booth, however they are usually a slick white column with a ring light. These are much lighter and take up very little space. Not all venues have large rooms capable of taking traditional photo booths. This is where the iPad booth fits in nicely. The picture quality is still very good and there are a range of digital props which are included in many of the software systems.

All of the variants of a photo booth do the same job and provided by companies like My Fun Photo Booth, they take pictures of your guests wearing funny props and provide a print of these photos. However, each style of photo booth has a particular place in specific venue. The issue of access and stairs is a big deciding factor on what a photo booth supplier will be able to bring to your wedding reception. Obviously there is also the factor of personal preference.

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