Which is the best bluetooth headset works with PS4

Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

Recently I was in a search of a good earphone that could be connected to my PS4.This was the first time when I was searching something that could be connected to my PS4. I started seeing YouTube channels and some gadget show to get an idea about the earphones that are compatible with PS4. Later my friend suggested me to use Acid eye 4.1 Wireless Bluetooth Earphones. Earlier I was not sure about the product, I did purchase a power bank from acid eye but was not sure, whether, the earphones would be equally good as the power bank but seeing my friend’s confidence, I bought it.

wireless earbud

Acid eye has always been a consumer centric company and always preferred the choice of consumer. The Bluetooth earphone looks super sexy especially in black. It could also be used while the user takes the call. The user interface of the Bluetooth headset is simple and user friendly. The earphones have a Bluetooth protocol: A2DP & AVRCP. The earphones are capable of connecting 8 devices simultaneously. The headset could be paired with any smart phone, tablets and other Bluetooth enabled music devices.

This wireless earbud have a built in battery of 110 mAh battery that allows continuous 10 hours talk time, 8 hours of listening your favorite music track and 250 hours standby time.It have an awesome signal power and can catch the signal from any corner of the room, now place your music device anywhere without fearing about the signal issue. Most of us believe in feeling the music rather than only listening. I rest assure you, you can enjoy a crystal clear sound output along with the strong bass quality with this product. It’s been 6 months, I am using this product and trust me product is awesome, starting from sound quality to the battery backup, I can give 10/10 score to this product. Acid eye has again excelled my expectation.

Below are features of Acid eye 4.1 bluetooth earphones wireless with mic in crust.

Acid eye 4.1 Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

Cost: Rs 3199.

  • Built-in mic, that allows you take calls.
  • Protect Your Ear : Optimized for extra comfort and fit better in ear buds, ease the problem of popping out, Soft material to protect ears, make your phone call and music time more comfortable.
  • Built in battery capacity of 110 mAh Lithium Polymer battery allows 10 hours of talk time, 8 hours listening music and 250h standby time.
  • Easily paired with 8 Bluetooth devices at a time. This Bluetooth headset for mobile.
  • Best quality in a reasonable rate.
  • Available in Black color.

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