Why you need to switch from cable TV to DTH

DTH connection

We present a case for DTH while urging you to say goodbye to cable TV forever.

It’s a familiar scenario that keeps playing itself over and over again. You are sitting with your work colleagues over lunch, when they start discussing a certain new film showcase being screened on a particular channel. The films are curated deftly and several of them are classics – but you don’t have a chance to catch the retrospective, because your cable TV operator does not offer that HD channel.

Little by little, you are disgruntled by the quality of sound and picture that your cable TV operator has been giving you. Several channels are permanently switched off, while others have unexplained dots and squiggles right in the middle of the screen. Plus, there are so many regional channels and genres that you never watch and never will – but which you continue to pay for, month after month.

The point is, cable TV is extremely restrictive with very little pay-off. Now, DTH TV, on the other hand…

Why DTH is perfect for you

Comparing cable TV with a DTH connection is like comparing apples and oranges. But only a direct comparison will let you see the perks of There are several points of difference between a DTH connection and a cable connection.

  • Cable TV primarily fails because of dull and grainy picture quality and below par sound. But DTH connections offer higher density of pixels per square inch of the frame, so there is greater clarity and more depth of colour. Meanwhile, you get surround sound enhanced further by your TV set’s speakers.
  • Cable TV offers little to no customisation in terms of the channels you can watch. On the other hand, a DTH connection offers you a good amount of customisation. Pick the SD and HD channel pack of your choice, and pay only for what you want to watch. This saves money for you.

So which DTH connection do you opt for? There are several operators offering their packs and services, but we recommend going with the best one: Airtel DTH.

Airtel DTH – the best of all!

Since this is your first DTH connection, we suggest that you go with an Airtel base pack costing Rs 219 on a trial basis. You have the freedom to modify the pack or choose an altogether new one at a later date. As an Airtel DTH customer, you get an HD-compatible set top box, 50 HD channels and just Rs 315 per month (including hardware costs).

Get your Airtel DTH connection by ordering it online for just Rs 1,815. There’s an immediate discount of Rs 670 on the purchase!

So why wait – experience the power of DTH and ditch your almost useless cable TV connection today!

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